Therapeutic Nature-Based Play and Skill Development (ages 5 - 12 years)

Is screen time dominating your family life? 

Are challenging emotional outbursts making daily life unpredictable and stressful? 

Find Calm.  Explore Potential.  Build Connections.

Research in the field of nature connection and outdoor play shows that children who have opportunities to spend time outside in green environments have significantly better outcomes in measures of psychological wellbeing, social skills and friendships, school success, happiness and  climate responsiveness. 

Our Nature-Based Play and skill development programs for primary school aged children include the following outdoor activities and may vary dependent on individual and group needs.

  • Creative and Construction Play: In these sessions children may work together to plan and construct cubbies, dams, fairy gardens or bridges using natural materials and ‘loose parts'.
  • Physical Challenges: Children will have the opportunity to learn and practice physical skills like climbing, jumping, throwing, swinging and balancing.
  • Reflection and Circle Time: Children will be supported both individually to reflect on their strengths and challenges and encouraged to use new positive strategies to relate to others and regulate their own emotions.
  • Nature Connection: Activities that heighten sensory awareness and build nature connection may include nature crafts, sit spot observations, storytelling, scavenger hunts, nature journalling, wildlife spotting, gardening, and mindful reflections.

Our Nature-Based play programs are held in our private home base at Waterfall Gully.

If your child has NDIS goals in the areas of self and emotional regulation, social skills, attending and problem solving, physical development, expanding their interests, spending time outside, community engagement or developing healthy habits, come and try our program! 

Our programs may be accessed using NDIS Capacity Building Therapeutic Support funding.

Individual Sessions

  • Initial one hour session with all NDIS participants to clarify goals and develop a Support Plan.
  • Additional individual sessions may be available with Steph our Occupational Therapist to address occupational performance concerns and promote meaningful participation in an outdoor environment eg. nature play, physical skills development, social connection, sensory awareness, emotional regulation. 

Strong Saplings (Group Session)

  • Four session program of support during school term time (each session 1.5 hrs duration)
  • Group sizes 4 - 8 children with 2 practitioners  
  • Group programs are held in our interesting and sensory-rich natural environment at Waterfall Gully.  We provide a fun, safe and supportive space for children to play and problem solve with others, develop their focus and attention, interact with nature in creative ways and develop their social and physical skills.

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